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DC-History, Diversity, and Unique Flavor

You might say that I’m biased because “there’s no place like home” and I have called Washington DC  home since I immigrated here at age 5 .  If you would have asked me then what Washington DC was like in the 1950s and 60s, I would have told you that it was a small city  with very little diversity- focused on government related business, small mom and pop shops, and embassies with a predominately local population.  Georgetown and The Northwest Washington DC Downtown  were the two main areas for walking, shopping and entertainment. Until the early 70s it was both walkable and livable.   Then, sadly it lost its way  during the  decades of political, social and racial turmoil leading upto the 90s, which led to an exodus to the Virginia and Maryland Suburbs.  Today, thanks to the Redevelopment of the last two decades, the  Exodus has reversed. People desire to live here  and are moving  back into Washington DC  not just for work -but for  living, raising families, playing and thriving!

Washington DC - A Walkable, Hopping City to Call Home

How Economic Revival Took Washington DC From Least to Most Livable City

The economic re-development and revival which has made Washington one of the most livable, vibrant cities in the nation, is still on going.  With a fairly short winter and lovely scenery, folks from all corners of the globe and all stages of life, From Retired Military to  college graduates in search of opportunity to active empty nesters who enjoy all the offerings.

It is a city filled with limitless employment opportunities; diverse cultures, historic sites, museums, shopping, entertainment, dining, vibrant nightlife, sophisticated theatre & arts.   Additionally, its  short winter and geographical location on the Potomac River surrounded by Natural Parklands make Washington DC a nature lovers paradise. Washington DC is repleat with forests, rivers, creeks, parks, and walking trails  such as Rock Creek Park,  Scenic National Zoo and nearby Great Falls National Park.

More and more housing options are available as re-development continues. The photo below shows the latest development- the picturesque SW waterfront – a high end condo-rich area filled with shops and restaurants , as well as the century old Fish Market.  You can find a fabulous new Condo overlooking the Potomac complete with boat slip, or if you prefer , find a wonderfully restored centuries old Rowhouse or Brownstone  within walking distance to call home.

Washington DC was smartly planned by Charles L’enfant in 1791 on a quadrant and grid system.  This  map  DC Metro Transportation Map provides you a good birdseye view of how all four quadrant are connected and simple to navigate.  There are always year around events and festivals attracting  national, international tourist and locals throughout all four quadrants, Northwest, SouthWest, Northeast or Southeast. In addition to the fun aspects, The city is home to many Global Businesses, NGOs, and 1000s of Associations, as well as several major universities, including Georgetown, George Washington, Catholic, and American. There are Bike lanes, walkable sidewalks, small blocks and trails make which also connect you to wherever your destination.  Or you can drive,(though take caution Washington DC streets are narrow and conjestion is usually the rule rather than the exception and they do love to ticket ).

In terms of Purchasing a home in Washington DC,  keep in mind, the same qualities that makes Washington DC attractive, also presents a challenge for most, ie. cost of housing.  Yet, smaller condos are still available in the $200K range and up, while smaller rowhouses can still be found in the low 500s and up depending on the property itself as well as the ease of metro accessibility and walkability.

For families with school age children, Washington DC has  both private and public school options. As in every city, you will find that the  school rating (www.greatschools.org ) and reviews as well as metro access and walkability will often  dictate price. To search for a home in a school district you prefer click here Find My DC Home  or contact us and we will put our local expertise and knowledge to work to find the right house at the right price.


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